The Prague Planetarium expands its offer of cognitive experiences. This time, we are talking about an outside activity – and an astronomical walk in Prague.

At the moment, you can choose from two different walking routes:

In the footsteps of Rudolf II., Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe

In the first route (see link), the participants will follow footsteps of Rudolf II., an emperor who was famous for his fondness for astronomy and science in general. Under his rule, at the turn of the 16. and 17. century, Prague became one of the most important scientific and artistic cities in the World.

The first route begins at Pohořelec, at the sculpture of Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe, the main initiators of the then Prague scientific boom, and continues through Hradčany and Prague Castle. The walk is approximately 3 km long and takes 2 hours, including commentary.

A Journey to the times of Charles IV. and his followers

The second route (see link) will let you experience the astronomical past of the Old Town Prague. The route follows the important astronomical sites of Charles IV. and his followers. It begins at Křižovnické náměstí, next to the Old Town Bridge Tower and continues to Klementinum, Old Town Square, Ovocný Trh, Karolinum and finishes at Bethlehem Chapel. The second walk, as well, is approximately 3 km long and takes 2 hours.

Tickets are available online or at the Planetarium box office

There is a significant interest in astronomical Prague walks, especially during the tourist season, which lasts from the end of June till the middle of September. So, if you want to secure a spot on one of those walks, do not hesitate and buy your tickets well in advance.

Buy tickets online at the Prague Planetarium website, or their box office (only during opening hours). Their address is Královská obora 233, Praha 7, 170 21.

The ticket price for individuals is 280 CZK, while a group ticket is 2500 CZK (group of max. 10 people).

More information about the walks and other astronomical projects is available at Prague Planetarium's official website (see link).

Prague Planetarium is within walking distance from our apartments

Our apartments are conveniently located within walking distance of the Prague Planetarium, only 1 km away, which translates to less than 18 minutes of a relaxing leisure walk.

An alternative, perhaps for more enthusiastic strollers, is to walk from the apartments to Old Town Bridge Tower, the meeting point of the second astronomical route. The walking distance to Old Town Bridge Tower is approximately 3 km from our apartments.

For reaching the meeting point (Pohořelec) of the first astronomical walk, we recommend taking a tram (find the fastest connection at the Prague Public Transit Company website), or some of the other transport options (Uber) or taxi.