Within walking distance of our luxury Prague apartments, the Prague market opens its doors to curious tourists.

During the summer, there will be a possibility to use an audio guide to walk you through the famous Prague Market and learn about the rich history of the city's former slaughterhouse. The audio tour of the Prague Market has a total of 15 stops, where at each of them there is an interesting story to be told: for instance, listen to the interesting story of delicious Prague ham or a veterinarian, who poisoned himself.

The stories are supplemented with information about the market's current events as well as plans for the future when the market is planned to undergo a major reconstruction. The audio interpretation is devised to be enjoyed by all age categories, without an exception.

Free tour with accompanying programme

An audio guide to the Prague Market is available for free, via the TourStories app or directly by scanning the QR code at each of the 15 stops. Download the TourStories app for Android and iOS *Links?:

Younger and older audiences will be able to enjoy both the accompanying programme and convenient water misting areas, which will help to keep visitors cool, even during the hottest days. The summer programme for children will culminate on 30. August with an event “Back to school”, where the end of summer break will be celebrated with various competitions, sports and educational activities, exchange of school supplies and various workshops.

Let's not forget about the older visitors, who will be able to enjoy several events as well. For example, the “Prague Production” event, which will take place on 15 September, will introduce some of Prague's lesser-known musicians. Flea Markets, lectures and discussions on current topics will also be available during September.

The entire programme will conclude with a “Maker Faire” event, which is essentially a get-together of innovators, DIYers, designers and programmers. During this event, fans will discover interesting facts and news from the world of DIY, often in an interactive way. The event will take place on 17-18 September.

Louren Apartments are within walking distance of the Prague

The Louren apartments are just 1,2 km from the Prague Market. Therefore, you can reach your destination in about 18 minutes, while a part of the walk runs along the bank of the Vltava, so you will also get to experience a bit of romance.